New Monthly Discount

We have just added a 10% recurring discount to our Zelle, Cashapp, Venmo, and Apple Cash payment methods. Simply select that payment method on your current invoice and the discount will instantly be applied. Most services will qualify for this new discount! These methods do not support Auto Pay, so we suggest pre paying to avoid missing a ... Read More »

27th Sept 2022
SMS Two Factor Authentication

Our SMS System is back to fully operational. SMS Messages are being sent from our 800 number (800-511-1583)

Optionally you can now enable SMS Two Factor Authentication for your account at


15th Jun 2020
Apple Pay Support

We are now setup to accept Apple Pay for all orders. Try it out today!

If you have an Apple Card you will earn 2% cash back purchasing through this method.

8th Sept 2019
Earn Money by becoming a Free Packet Affiliate

Check out our affiliates program and learn how to make money just by showing Free Packet to your friends!

12th Jul 2019
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