LTE Wireless Mobile Broadband

Unlimited Internet LTE Data Plan

Service provided by AT&T Cellular towers.
Data will NEVER be disconnected for overages.
No Throttling - No Data Caps - No Contracts - No Credit Checks
Average speed with good coverage are 20Mbps Download and 10Mbps Upload. Speeds will vary by location and signal strength.
All orders eligible for a 14 day return policy, Minus a $50 restocking fee. More info can be found in our TOS.

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Failover Backup

We are excited to offer a new data plan choice that will act as a failover to kick in if your main internet connection were to fail. This is great for businesses who rely on the internet to process credit cards or even do basic tasks. Rather than paying for unlimited monthly, you can now pay a low quarterly price for a backup service.
Backup connection offers 2GB of data and 90 days to use it. Data does not reset monthly so you won’t loose any of your 2GB. You can use it all at once or over 3 months.
Our failover device is setup to automatically kick on when your main internet connection fails so you won’t have one second of downtime. Or bring your own device if you please. Works with any hotspot, tablet. Or home connect device.

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